2011Vで世界チャンピオンになってから、3年間の構想を経て、2017Vの制作が始まりました。応援よろしくお願いしま す。




AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, August 7th-10th 2011. Sturgis, South Dakota USA. Freestyle Class One-off, ground up customs. Any design or modification is accepted.



  • He was born in Osaka, Japan and is enthralled by Godzilla so much that in his childhood he exchanged letters with the movie director, Mr. Eiji Tsuburaya. Even now he still loves to make Godzilla costumes. Ken established Tavax Engineering in Osaka in 1983 to specialize in custom parts and custom bikes creation.

  • Ken’s Goals in his life he has realized:

  • Join Suzuka 4 hours Endurance road race in 1984

  • Love to read the collection of poems written by Rilke and Goethe for inspiration

  • Create 3 of his own custom bikes which are based on the Kawasaki Z1

  • Be recognized by Mr. Norimasa Tada, chief designer of Kawasaki as a colleague

  • Create a 2011V incorporating the spirit of Kawasaki Z1 over 3 and half years to join AMD world championship of custom bike building in Sturgis for the first time

  • Acquire World champion status while continuing to strive to create new inspiring designs

  • Ken has realized that making custom bikes is not just creating a bike but a way to express his life’s passion as art.